Flowback Packages

Coil Tubing & Snubbing

Circulating Pumps, Testing Pumps, Tanks, Chicksans, Valves, Adjustable Choke Manifolds,

Squeeze Manifolds, Gas Buster, Riser, Filter Units, Tree Connections 


Bails 22' 500 Ton Varco, Elevators, Slips, T.I.W.Valves, Lift Subs, X-Over Subs, Pumps, Pup Joints, Spools, Flanges, DSA's, Baskets


Testing (DST & Surface)

Baskets, X-Over Subs, Slips, Safety Clamps, Valves, Chicksans, Tank Hoses, Circulating Heads, Safety Joints, Lift Subs



Cased Hole & Open Hole, Slickline, 5K Packages, 10K Packages, 15K Packages, Grease Injectors, Lubricator, Test Pumps, Fishing Boxes, B.O.P.'s, Safety Equipment


Crane Trucks

25 Ton, 33 Ton, 60 Ton

Supplier of Ethenol Glycol / Generators / Light Towers / Flare Stacks / Cooling & Heating Trailers / Pressure Test Trailers / Pressure Wash Trailers / Compressors / Trash Trailers / Welding Trailer


InTak Provides Equipment For:

Intak  Rental  &  Supply

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